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Why was Breaux Capital founded?

Breaux Capital was founded for two reasons (1)As means for establishing a communal culture within Black Male Millennials in mind (2)Lack of black cultural representation in the financial services arena across the US.

So, why exactly does Breaux Capital have a focus on Black Male Millennials?

Breaux Capital focuses mainly on Black Male Millennials because we identify a need for collective participation from this group. Furthermore, Black Male Millennials are products of a generation ravaged by Crack, the war on drugs, prison industrial complex, and a lack of gainful employment. In order to get the Black family unit back on track, we decided to focus on the fathers, brothers, sons, uncles. We can’t be everything to everybody.

Well aren’t you excluding other groups by only focusing on Black Male Millennials?

Great question, and the short answer is: no we aren’t. The core reason why is that our business philosophy is rooted in the desire to see all people progress. However, we can all agree is Black men in America having been catching hell for quite some time. We believe that Black men should be playing a more prominent role in the protection and support of Black women and children , but that the disadvantaged economic position so many Black men (between the ages of 18-35) find themselves in Impedes their ability to be the partners and support their women and children look for them to be.

But Black men are not the only people who can work to help Black men progress right?

You could not be more correct, and we fully acknowledge that. However, we also know that throughout history, there have been numerous examples of Black people being taught to wait for assistance with their problems rather than creating their own solutions. Black men need to lead the charge (with the help of all who are willing to help of course) on addressing the problems Black men are facing. Breaux Capital is the product of various perspectives from Black men on how to educate, inspire,galvanize , uplift , and increase the economic well-being of other Black men. We think this deserves a place in the world and we hope you would agree (‘cause even if you don’t, we building it anyway).

So that means you will be collaborating with organizations, companies, and groups that don’t just focus on Black men?

Yes. We want the world to know that we were inspired by the work of Black and Latino Women founding and leading organizations to empower as well as create a tribe for other Black and Latino Women. We were inspired because the work is relevant, the brands are amazing, and the missions are needed. Thus, our vision is to partner with all entities and people who see synergy with what we do. Holla at us if you do at



What is the relationship between the Breaux100 and Breaux Capital?

The Breaux100 is essentially the blood of Breaux Capital, these are members of the investment club portion of company.

So there are only 100 spots in the Breaux100?

You guessed it (you was right). The Breaux100 will require commitment, contribution and character – we not rocking with you if you ain’t 1Hunnid. Thus, we only have 100 spots available for the Breauxs who are ready to build for the long-term.

Can I find out how the investment process works before applying?

Yes, reach out to us directly if you have questions about the investment process, but please be aware that only limited information can be provided before you submit an application to show interest.

Can I find out the specific details about how the 100 will make money before applying?

Yes, reach out to us directly if you have questions about our philosophy on building wealth as a collective, but please be aware that only limited information can be provided before you submit an application to show interest.

So I can learn more deatils about all of these things after I apply?

No doubt. We value transparency, in fact, transparency is one of our core values (link). So everything you want to know about the 100 will be made available, but we have to know you are serious first, ya dig? We think you can respect that.

Is there a voting process?

No doubt, there is definitely a voting process that Breaux100 members undergo to determine how the aggregated funds will be allocated.

How can I apply?

An initial application can be filled out here. Then the Breaux team will reach out to you for next steps asap.